Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vase Wraps - Easy DIY

Here's a really quick and easy DIY project to spruce up a glass vase.

Materials Needed: Fabric Strip, Scissors, Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine, Glue Gun

Easy Steps:
1. Measure the length of fabric you'll need to wrap around the vase and add about two inches.
2. Cut a strip of fabric twice as wide as you'll want it on your vase.
3. Fold the fabric in half inside out and lengthwise.
4. Sew, either by hand or with a machine, a straight stitch down the length of the fabric.
5. Now you'll have a tube of fabric.  Turn it so the seam is in the middle of the back side and iron it open.
6. Now turn the tube right side out.  Then turn about 1/2 inch on both end into the tube and do a straight stitch across both ends.
7. Iron your wrap.
8. Now you'll need your glue gun. Wrap your Fabric wrap around the vase and glue the fabric into place.  (If your vase is a cylinder like the first picture, you can sew it to the size you need and slip it on. If it is an odd shape like the second one, you'll need to use your glue gun.

Total Project Time: 10 minutes

Just a side note, the letter D in these pics was made using the exact same method as was used in the previous post, just on a cardboard letter instead of canvas. Also, these fabrics came from Walmart.  Both were $2/yard and I bought 1/4 yard of each for little projects.  That's $1.


  1. Two blogs in one day... WOW!! PS, love the stuff.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. One day, when I own a home, you and Margo shall decorate!

  3. perfect! and it can change with the seasons! me likie!