Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last week, I was inspired by my brother, Joel and his purging of junk and I decided enough was enough!  Literally, I have enough stuff!  I feel like I am held hostage by laundry.  I know, we are only a family of five, but we go through a lot of clothes.  With morning workouts, basketball practice, baseball practice, and three boys who LOVE to change clothes, I feel like there is always laundry to be done.  One day last week, I washed and folded 8 loads!  Now, I must admit, that day included a bed-wetting incident, so I had to wash bedding, but still, it's just too much!

So here's my solution!

I purged! And I purged A LOT!  That's 10 bags in all, filled to the brim with stuff we don't need.  I'm selling an old camera and a sofa and chair and maybe even a refrigerator.  I just don't need so much stuff.  You should see my closets now!  You can actually walk into the walk-in closets.

So, here's my challenge:  DEJUNK YOUR LIFE!

I had so many clothes in my closet that I was maybe going to wear again someday.  If a full season for that piece of clothing has passed and you haven't worn it once, then you'll never wear it.  I had sweaters I hadn't worn in years.  I always thought I'd wear them again if I lived in a really cold place.  Well, I live in a really cold place and I haven't worn them.  Sweaters make me claustrophobic.  There were clothes I was saving for the boys to wear when they grew into them that had stains and holes.  Foolishness.  They were junking up my life!

So, go ahead and do it!  It feels really good!


  1. Hi Aly!
    I love de-cluttering! Wow, good for you. I'm up for this challenge! I too have clothing I think I'll wear again sometime,someday but never do. I hate sweaters too! They make me feel claustrophobic too, so I have very few of them. I have pre-pregnancy clothes from 5 years ago that I seriously need to get rid of.

  2. I'm with you!

    (sidenote - anything with a turtleneck makes me seriously claustrophobic)

  3. Ronna, thanks so much for following my blog. Good luck purging! It was fun for me and liberating to get rid of so much junk.

  4. You know what you could do? Get together with a bunch of friends that also purge old stuff and go through eachother's stuff to see if there's anything anyone wants. Then take what's left to goodwill. One person's junk is another's treasure :) I think I'm going to purge a bunch of stuff before we move so I have less to pack!!