Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The First of Many Flower Tutorials

You will need:  Satin, or wide ribbon, felt, scissors, glue gun, lighter, and a pin clasp or hair clip

Step 1:  Cut several circles in several different sizes (I usually do two of each size for bulk) out of your satin. They don't have to be perfect, in fact, I like them not to be.

Step 2:  Use your lighter and burn the edges of all of the circles.  Do it slowly so you don't burn it too much.  They will curl up.

Step 3:  Now glue all of your circles together, being creative in how you stack them so they look like a flower.

Step 4:  Cut a small circle of felt, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and glue to the back of the flower.  Then glue your pin clasp for a pin or a clip for your hair (or both if you want to use it both ways) to the felt.

Step 5:  You can now embellish your flower with beads or anything you'd like.  And here's the finished product.  One is never enough for me.  I always do two or three (or four) at a time!

I've been making so many flowers lately.  I'll try to do a different tutorial every few days!

Have fun. Aly


  1. I've always wanted to know how to make these! I guess I need to make a trip to the craft store! Thanks!

  2. Ali, so impressed with the things you do.

  3. I want the girl in the picture.... forget the flower!!!!! (But the flowers are just beautiful, like Amos would say)

  4. Way cute. I need some green ones for st. patrick's day. I'm thinking mine won't come out so cute, though. something just tells me.

    (so you're a Nikon kinda girl, huh? so is Kelly - I'm a Canon girl, myself. That's why Kelly had to move to Wilmington - not enough room in the same house for 2 opposing views.)

    Love the flowers.

  5. In. Love. With. These. Flowers!!!!

  6. I got my ribbon and satin at Wal-Mart in the clearance area. The blue satin was a flawed remnant and was $.97 for a yard and the red was a 4 inch ribbon on clearance for $2 for 4 yrds. I promise, you can't mess this project up! It's so easy!

  7. Back again... wanted to see if you were still as pretty as a couple of hours ago! Pa has your pic on his ipad screen.

  8. So far I am liking this blog! Someday I will try this! I am bookmarking it for later! You are so cute and talented!

  9. Aly, I love, love, love your blog. On the negative side, it makes me miss you guys more! Give the boys kisses from us.
    BTW: like Lauren, I am stalking a loved one's identity.

  10. We haven't met yet, but me and Megan A have been making flowers for fun together cus you taught her-- your so good :)

  11. Hi Aly!
    I'm making about 30 of these for my wedding (7 being around 5.5" in diameter and the rest around 3"). Any tips on how many yards of satin to get?

    Thanks so much!

    ...LOVE your blog by the way! <3