Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to: Dragon Cake

I love birthdays.
Just LOVE them.
This year, my lil' fella wanted a "How to Train Your Dragon" Birthday....
Complete with his request of an "Orange Dragon cake with Blue wings."
He asked.
I delivered...
Remember, I L-O-V-E Birthdays!
So here it is:

And now, for the step by step directions.

1 Cake Mix
2 - 8" Circle Cake Pans
6 cups of  frosting
1 tube of black frosting
(okay people, I totally order my frosting for my cakes. I know it's cheating, but it saves me time, and well, it turns out the right color every time. I'll let the grocery store do that for me...I'll do the rest:)e
2 Skewers
2 Blue Fruit Roll-Ups
1 Red Fruit Roll-Up
1 Yellow Fruit Roll-Up
2 Junior Mints
2 Yellow Candy Fruit Slices
16 Red Candy Fruit Slices
1 Large Marshmellow
2 Chocolate Chips
10 Keebler Fudge Covered Graham Crackers
Aluminum Foil

Line your JellyRoll pan with Aluminum Foil
Cut your first cake in half. 

The next cake is cut as follows:
Cut the cake in half.
Then, cut the top half in quarters.
The bottom half gets a little tricky.
Cut out the 2 tail portions first, then the top two paws.

Now, stand the two halves up and glue together with frosting.
I also put frosting on the bottom portion to ensure a sturdy base. 

Assembling the Cake:
Okay, so you have your body there in the center of the pan.
Now, add your 2 rectangular shapes for the neck and head.
Then, the 4 triangular shapes for the paws.
And, finally add the tail to complete your dragon.

Icing and Decorating:
This is the fun part!
Okay, and a little stressful.
If the icing starts to pick up crumbs while icing your cake, try a spatula and your finger to smooth out the roughness. Really, when you add the scales, it ends up covering up any little crumb you might have been worried about.
So go ahead and frost your dragon.
Then, add the scales. I used a #3 Wilton cake tip.
Cut the marshmallow in half for the eyes, with 2 chocolate chips on top.
Add the Junior Mints for the nostrils.
Add the 2 Yellow Candy Fruit Slices for the eyebrows.
Place 4 Red Candy Fruit Slices on each paw.
Cut the Chocolate Graham Crackers in thirds using a bread knife.
This will leave 2 triangles and one center piece per cracker.
Take the 2 triangles from each cracker and add the spine of the dragon.
Cut the Yellow and Red Fruit Roll Ups in half, and roll them up for fire at the base of the mouth.
Lastly, roll the tip of the Blue Fruit Roll Ups around the skewers for the wings.
Be sure not to add the wings until just before the big party. They are heavy, and will end up drooping or falling over if placed in the cake too soon.
And there you have it!
The coolest Dragon Cake you've ever seen!
And, thanks Aly for letting me be a guest on your blog!
Stacey Westenskow


  1. Stacey- this is a wonderful cake! I know some grandsons who are going to love this...

  2. Aly,
    I can't seem to fix it so I can follow this blog on my google reader. Occasionally that happens to me, but when it has those blogs always appear in my email whenever a new entry is made, so I get it anyway. I can't seem to get either of those with yours, even though I have "followed" you. Do you have any idea why? I really don't want to miss ANYTHING my pretty cousin in CO is up to!

  3. Lisa, I don't know why that is happening! I promise you won't miss much ;)

  4. Aly, love this guest blogger (and all your fun projects too, of course)! I had heard about Stacey's dragon cake and am so glad to see it done step-by-step. I'm a new follower for sure! (PS This is Tiffany A. formerly of the SG ward, new member of the AH ward :)

  5. Tiffany, thanks so much for being a "follower!" I wish we had gotten to know each other when we were in SG together. I hear you like Diet Coke as much as I do (a little birdie told me)!

  6. I still can't get over how awesome this cake is!!! :)